Destination Weddings

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It might seem easier hiring someone on-site, but hiring a photographer closer to your normal residence ensures that your customer service experience is better. It ensures you already know and are comfortable with your photographer, and it is also helpful during the planning process.


If your photographer is closer to your residence, you will have the opportunity to discuss your needs and wishes in advance. You can communicate your style preferences, hopes, and expectations. You will be able to have an engagement session with the same photographer who will capture your wedding. You will establish a relationship and level of trust with your photographer, which is an asset on your wedding day, one well worth the cost of adding a little your photography package.


The cost for a destination photography package can be very similar to a local photography package. Depending on the travel logistics, it can even be the same price. I mean, let's face it. A destination wedding is hard work for me, but it's also a lot of fun.

Destination wedding photography packages can be put together for international or domestic destinations.
Actual travel and housing costs get built into the photography package, and depending on our availability, can include multiple days of coverage. I am close to Philadelphia, Newark, and New York airports, so I have easy access to several major international departure points. I work closely with you on the travel arrangements, and it adds relatively little cost to your package.


I would love to discuss your destination wedding with you in more detail. Let me know the details, and let's schedule an appointment to chat in person or by telephone through the button below!

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Blair Atholl Castle (St. Bride's Kirk ruin),
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the extra cost, if any?

Destination wedding photography (or photo/video combinations) prices are the same as the regular prices you see on our pricing page. The only additional costs that may be added to the package (depending on the location) are:


1) Airfare (if applicable - some locations we may choose to drive, which would only require reimbursement of fuel and tolls)


2) Hotel accommodations (rooms are shared for photo/video or 2-photographer packages)


3) Rental car (if we fly, of course)

How many people do we have to fly to the location?

We do not bring any additional assistants outside of what you see in your photography or photo/video package. Any additional expenses incurred if we bring people outside of the team listed in your package are not your responsibility.

When do you arrive at the destination?

We prefer to arrive at least one day in advance so that we may scout the location and ensure any travel challenges have time to be overcome. If you are concerned about travel during times of year when flights may be delayed or even cancelled (mostly in the winter), we are happy to come out two days in advance if we are available to do so. For departure, we prefer a later flight the next afternoon rather than an early flight the next morning. Weddings are hard work and we tend to sleep in a little the next day. :-)

Who books the flights?

I will book the flights based on normal economy prices, but will likely upgrade the seat at my own expense for extra leg room (I'm 6'7"). You are not responsible for that upgrade.

Is there anywhere you do not travel?

We travel anywhere in the world that it is safe to travel (no active war zone weddings, please). Availability may play a part if your wedding is on the other side of the planet, as this requires much more travel time. Booking your package well in advance will help ensure we are available for the entire trip.

Do you only photograph the wedding day?

We understand that this type of trip can be more than just a wedding day. In the past we've photographed welcome parties, engagement sessions, weddings, after parties, and other events within a wedding "weekend" that was all packaged together. Basically, for a day on either side of the actual wedding day, we would simply ask that actual meal costs be reimbursed (or provided) and we discuss a set number of hours of coverage for any activities you might want photographed.


If you are interested in a longer package coverage, such as a wedding followed by a honeymoon week, we do offer that and can discuss the particulars later with respect to how much coverage per day we would provide and at what rate. If you're getting married in Mexico and enjoying a week at a resort full of fun activities like parasailing and surfing and visiting ancient Incan temples, wouldn't you love professional coverage of your entire trip?

Wouldn't it be easier to hire a photographer on site?

Not always. Working with me is very easy, and you have the benefit of knowing and trusting your photographer. That's huge. I have had many couples come back from destination weddings with horror stories about their photographer (either quality or personality) and hired me to do a "newlywed shoot" locally because they were so unhappy with their photos. Many destination wedding planners and locations will offer up a local photographer, but communicating with that photographer (especially if they don't speak your language) can be tricky. Prompt and effective communication from your local photographer, as well as logistics planning and the ability to meet in person with your photographer ahead of time, are both important. And, after the wedding is over, an on-site photographer isn't going to be able to meet with you to discuss how to print your images. They might not be as prompt with post-wedding questions and retouch requests.