Photograph Restoration

I am happy to offer restoration service for vintage photographs, lithographs, even more recent photographs which might have been damaged. Photographs deteriorate over time. The paper cracks and becomes discolored, and eventually that image could be lost forever. I lovingly take your images and remove these flaws, then provide you with a high resolution digital copy which you can use to have new prints or other print products made. You can even have images which are not actually photographs restored, such as lithographs or prints of paintings.

I do not currently restore images from 35mm slides. There are companies which specialize in this type of service. I simply do not have the demand required to maintain the necessary equipment for that.

How It Works

I mount your photograph on a flat surface and take a high resolution image of the print. This is done with lighting which will not cause reflection on glossy surfaces. Once I have obtained the digitized version of your image, I bring it into PhotoShop to correct white balance and remove as many flaws as possible. Common flaws include scratches and tears in the paper, spots from stains, and paper degradation.

This was a difficult restoration, but I was happy to accomplish it for my client!

What Does It Cost?

Each project has different requirements. The photograph above required a rather substantial amount of work. The price can range anywhere from $25 to $150 per image. The cost depends on what needs to be done. I am happy to provide you with a project estimate for a single image or for a set.