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Maternity Photography – Erica and Robert

Little Robert Jr. will be joining us in June, so Erica and Robert took an afternoon with me to photograph a few maternity photographs before he arrives. He’s due one day after my birthday, so I’m kind of hoping he’ll come a day early. 🙂

We went to Camden River Park for the shoot, and much to our surprise there was a regatta taking place. So, while our options for free space were somewhat limited, we were able to hide the boats and people pretty well.

We were joined by Robert Jr.’s big brother Leo the dog. Leo was pretty understandably distracted by all of the people, but Mommy had treats to keep him focused.

We tried to create a photograph where Leo was giving the baby a kiss, but frankly it looks more like he’s eating Mommy’s belly. That would be because Mommy is giving him a treat behind her belly, but hey, we tried!

Erica has already scheduled her newborn shoot for late June when little Robert Jr. will still be “tired from the move”. I’m looking forward to meeting him soon!

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