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Batsto Village Engagement Photography – Shane and Michael

Shane and Michael joined me for a Batsto Village engagement photography session in late June. It was a pretty hot day, but we found several shady areas to keep ourselves out of the direct sun and on the cooler side. There is no shortage of laughter between these two. It was a great afternoon, and we all had a pleasant time touring the grounds of Batsto Village.

Shane’s ring is beautiful, and of course Michael is happy to accept props for that. Michael’s silly groan-inducing jokes and comments make Shane sigh, but she smiles despite herself. That sounds familiar to me, as most of you who know me can imagine. When I told Shane that my wife says “It’s exhausting being married to you.” she smiled and nodded in agreement and understanding. But, laughter is so very important in a relationship and in life. I know these two are destined for a fun life together because they love to laugh together.

I’m so very happy to have had the opportunity to capture this important time in their lives as they prepare for their wedding. Congratulations, Shane and Michael!

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