Valenzano Winery Wedding Photography – Jessica and Scotty

Valenzano Winery Wedding Photography

I had the honor and joy of being the south Jersey wedding photographer for Jessica and Scotty’s wedding. This was one I had been looking forward to for many reasons after meeting this wonderful couple. Not only was it my first wedding at Valenzano Winery, which my wife and I go to frequently, but Jessica and Scotty are just so wonderfully nice and funny, I couldn’t wait to spend a wedding day with them. I had photographed a wedding before where one member of the couple was deaf, but this was my first where both of them were. I came to realize pretty quickly that I use a lot of the same words from one wedding to the next, so I learned how to sign those specific words: breathe, love, wedding dress/flowers/rings/vows, relax, family, picture, things like that. I’ve actually kept on learning because I find it interesting, so hopefully the next time I am around another deaf person I will be able to communicate better. Jessica reads lips so it wasn’t like I couldn’t talk to them, but knowing some sign was helpful.

Jessica and Scotty had a beautiful dress reveal at their grandmother’s beautiful home garden, and then went to the winery for their ceremony and celebration. The ceremony was so cool, because there were two interpreters there to help translate to and from sign. The minister spoke, and Jessica and Scotty signed their vows. There was a wonderful cocktail hour in the winery’s distillery (if that is what it’s called) and a reception with wonderful friends and family followed. I sometimes get choked up during certain moments of a ceremony or reception. I fully admit it, I am a big softy for happy moments. I get it from my mother, I think. But this reception had a moment that made me have to quickly wipe tears from my eyes. You’ll all see it in the video we make later. Scotty’s mother signed the words to song they were dancing to: What a Wonderful World. It really was beautiful, and the embrace they shared at the end accompanied by the cheers of all their loving family and friends was the perfect display of the love and joy present throughout the day. I think you will all love it. I hope you enjoy the photographs, and congratulations to Jessica and Scotty! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your beautiful wedding day!

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