Brigalia’s Wedding Photography – Kristen and Brett

Brigalia’s Wedding Photography by Michael Chadwick

Kristen and Brett had a wonderful spring wedding at one of my favorite venues, Brigalia’s in Sicklerville. Kristen is a laboratory technician and Brett is an electrical engineer for the Navy. I had a fantastic time laughing and celebrating with them, most likely because they are fellow band geeks. Their sense of humor and general approach to the absurdities all around us kept both myself and their friends and family laughing the whole day. Their love for each other is so evident in the way the laugh together, and the way they look at each other. You can see it in their eyes, that Kristen and Brett truly “get” each other. They constantly amuse and entertain each other, and that’s one of the hallmarks of a really successful marriage.

I always ask my couples what they love most about each other.
Kristen: “It’s not something that’s very easy to put into words, and I don’t really think that it should be. I love his bone dry sense of humor and his down-to-earth outlook on life. I also love his quiet kindness and dependability; however, it’s practically impossible to say which of these attributes I love the most.”
Brett:“I love Kristen for her goofy and dry sense of humor. I love that she actually can genuinely laugh at my god awful puns. She’s very motivated to continue to improve herself in all aspects and I admire that. It helps me do the same. She’s so incredibly smart and kind. I also love that she wrote her part first so I had something to base mine on…”

Their facetious (not quite wry or sarcastic) sense of humor was a delight to be around, especially since I happen to share it. When it came time to do their portraits, I asked them if there was any specific approach they desired. Their response was to satirize the over-done over-the-top ridiculous magazine cover wedding shoots. In other words, they didn’t want anything too stylized that wouldn’t tell the story of their personalities. I tried to make it as painless for them as possible. 😉

Congratulations, Kristen and Brett. Thank you so much for letting me share in your wedding day celebration. I had a wonderful time with you, your family, and your friends!

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Brigalia’s
Hair: Cheers 2 U Events
Florist: Zenplicity Florist
DJ: White Label Wedding DJs

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