Awesome Gothic Wedding Photography – Courtney and Humphrey

Awesome Gothic Wedding Photography by Michael Chadwick.

So this was one of the coolest weddings with one of the coolest couples ever. With all love and respect to all my other couples, this was so unusual and fun and vintage and Gothic and hilarious and joyful. Courtney and Humphrey were part of a wedding I photographed a couple of years ago, and I just had a fantastic time with them. I was very happy when I found out they were getting married, and that they wanted me to be their photographer.Courtney is a professional sewer or bags, purses, and accessories from “funky, hand-selected fabrics”. For her “real” job she is an HR Generalist. Humphrey is an engineer who loves his work. He also loves vintage video games, collecting comic books and Star Wars figures, and watching strange and unusual movies.Courtney loves Humphrey because he’s supportive, loving, considerate, funny, stable, and a fair and devoted and loyal partner. Humphrey loves Courtney because she is his friend and partner in a way he never thought possible: loving, supportive, fun, and just all-around wonderful.They had their wedding the day before Halloween at the very cool Bube’s Brewery in Mount Joy, PA. They got ready in the attached hotel (The Alois) which has themed rooms and a very cool bar area for an intimate reception. Bube’s Brewery is an intact historic 19th century brewery and museum complex. They host murder mystery dinners and have all sorts of interesting events. It was a perfect setting for this Gothic-themed wedding, which took place in the dark catacombs underneath the brewery.

Appropriately enough, Courtney’s dress was a real Frankenstein’s Monster job. She actually had two different dresses that she liked, so she combined them into one dress from parts! She got ready in the Alois, then it was down to the catacombs for the ceremony. Shooting a ceremony which was in a dark catacomb and back-lit by candles certainly put my technical skills to the test. Everyone loved the ceremony, which wonderfully told the story of these two highly intelligent and wonderfully unusual people. I had an amazing time just being around them, much less getting to capture this fantastic and unique celebration.

Catering and Reception Venue: Bube’s Brewery
Florist: Floral Designs of Mount Joy
Makeup: Heather Holbrook
Cake Artist: Rosie’s Creative Cakes
Photo Booth: FX Photo Booths

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