Wedding Vendors I Love: McKenzie Miller Films

McKenzie Miller

Wedding Vendors I Love will be a running blog post that I will hopefully remember to do each week, because I talk to so many brides out there and have had so many wonderful experiences with other vendors I’ve worked with that I think it’s only fair to share. The very first vendor I want to share with you is one of the most excellent videographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with: McKenzie Miller of .

McKenzie is a true cinematographer and an amazingly talented artist. If that weren’t enough, she also has awesome presence and an easy-going personality that is essential to helping brides (and sometimes grooms) stay calm and really helps them to enjoy their day. I have worked with McKenzie a couple of times on wedding shoots, and immediately started recommending her to others. If you are in the market to have an outstanding video taken of your wedding day, she should be at the very top of your list.

What makes her so special, you ask? I say her work is extraordinary because she gets it. She connects with the couple, with their story, and has extraordinary talent in telling each couple’s love story in such a way that you feel like you have known the couple all your life. I have watched even just short highlight reels of shoots I wasn’t a part of, and her work made me feel like I was there. If the purpose of having a videographer is so that you can relive the joy, love, and humor of your wedding day, McKenzie Miller is the first call you should be making.

McKenzie Miller Films can be found at Please be sure to tell her I sent you!

Next week: New York’s Eventi Hotel!

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