Do you do table shots?

I understand the importance of documenting the guests who celebrate with you at your wedding reception, and I do my best to get photographs of everyone. I even recommend two photographers whenever your guest list exceeds 125, partially for that reason. I prefer a more organic approach to documenting your guests’ presence at your wedding, but I will happily do more traditional table shots if you specifically request it.

If you do not specifically ask for shots of each and every table, I will do my best to get who I can but will continue to focus on telling the story of you and your wedding celebration. If you do ask me to document each and every table, I will do my best but I cannot account for those people who are not at their tables during the times which are most appropriate for getting table shots within the flow of the day. I shoot with the intention of documenting everyone at your reception, either at a table or on the dance floor, but I make no guarantees due to the unavailability of certain guests during the course of the reception.

If getting a good amount of documentation of your guests both at their tables and elsewhere (such as the dance floor), I highly recommend adding a second photographer to your package.

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