Should I provide you with a shot list?

That’s a tricky one, and the answer depends on what you are referring to by a “shot list”. Some wedding blogs out there will publish an exhaustive list of 259 “must have wedding photographs” that are okay for getting ideas, but not for copying and pasting into your wedding worksheet questionnaire. I have actually had this happen more than once, and I know some of those couples didn’t even bother to read it because it listed shots with people who, in their cases, either didn’t exist or were actually passed away!

Saddling me with an over-zealous shot list, typing out absolutely every single photograph you might want, greatly increases the risk that I will spend the entire wedding day worrying about the list instead of telling your wedding day story. While I do ask you to be precise with your information, and not to make me try and read your mind, I certainly don’t need to be told to photograph things like the procession, or the kiss, or the first dance.

That said, don’t assume I know what are the most important photographs/moments to you. In the (fortunately) few instances where a couple or their family members have expressed displeasure with me over not getting a particular shot they assumed that I would know was important (and therefore didn’t specifically ask me for), it has invariably been something most other couples don’t express as important. So, do list the things which are truly important to you, but keep it within the bounds of moderation. Otherwise, I might spend your entire wedding day with my face buried in your list, and could possibly miss some really great and creative shots that might have been much better!

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