Should I get wedding insurance?

I highly recommend getting wedding insurance. Many weddings cost more than $20,000 to produce, which is more than some brand new automobiles. You insure your car, right? Well, you should insure your wedding as well.

Why would I need insurance? What could possibly go wrong?

I have had multiple people tell me about situations that have come up where wedding insurance would have proven helpful. One couple told me about having to find a new florist at the last minute because they found out the florist they paid in full for the service suddenly went out of business and disappeared. Another bride had a nightmare situation with her dress. She paid for the dress in full, and then found out the shop went out of business. The designer said they could send the dress to another retailer, but that she would have to buy the dress again! Can you imagine? Well, one of my brides didn’t have to imagine it, this actually happened to her!

These are relatively minor ‘disasters’ in the realm of what is possible. Some are much more tragic and disastrous. I have had weddings cancelled due to family illness or even death. What if you booked a reception venue that went out of business? What if the venue has to reschedule your wedding due to a city-wide event such as the Pope coming to town? What if on the day of your wedding, there was a huge blizzard or hurricane? What if the reception venue burns to the ground? If there were some legitimate emergency that required you to postpone your wedding, wedding insurance would cover that as well.

How much does wedding insurance cost?
It varies from policy to policy based on what you are covering and which provider you go with. It is typically going to be a couple to a few hundred dollars, but while that cost might seem high, it is a tiny fraction of what you are putting on the line with your wedding day planning.

If you want more information about why wedding insurance is so important, here is an excellent article from The Knot on the subject. I highly recommend reading it.

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