Why should I pay more for something my Uncle Bob can do with his nice new camera?

I’m very glad you asked. Nearly every family now has at least one person with a pretty good camera. That’s fantastic, and I’m all for it. However: Owning a nice set of golf clubs does not make you ready for the PGA Tour.

A professional photographer is not just someone who happens to have a nice camera.  There are years of practice, education, skill, and expertise required as well.  Wedding photography is so much more than just pointing a camera at something and pressing a button. It’s even more than just knowing how to take a great photograph. Wedding photography is a rare combination of photographic artistry and skill, experience, logistics and troubleshooting, psychology, specific styles of social interaction, and concierge service.

Your wedding day is not going to be reproduced for the sake of going back for a retake if something goes wrong. There are no do-overs!  Additionally, you will spend months, if not years, planning your wedding day. Your photographs are what will remain, telling the story for you to have and share for the rest of your lives. On your wedding day, there is only one chance to get the photographs you will be looking at forever.

If that much pressure was being put on a basketball player to make a free throw to win the big game, who would you rather trust to shoot that free throw: a top-level NBA star with years of training and experience under pressure, or your Uncle Bob who just bought a nice new basketball?

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