How many photos will I get?  Do I get all of them?

That’s a rather broad question and difficult to answer definitively, because the number of photos I take depends on many factors including activity and environment.  I take multiple photos of any given shot (people blink, scratch, get distracted by a shiny), so what you get is a culled set of your day with only the best of each shot.  In other words, if I take three shots of a couple posing for the camera on the dance floor, I’m going to give you the best one of those three.  

For a typical nine hour shooting day, I will usually deliver anywhere between four hundred and seven hundred photographs.  But, there is no hard and fast rule and there is no guarantee of a certain number.  It all depends on how much actual shooting time there is, how much activity is taking place, and other restrictions sometimes beyond my control. Each wedding is different, and a Saturday night party with lots of dancing and activities is probably going to result in a higher number of photographs than a Sunday afternoon brunch wedding where people are mostly eating (since no one likes pictures of themselves stuffing food in their mouths).

Ultimately, I’m going to give you many photos for you to enjoy, telling a complete story of your wedding day journey.

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