What is it like working with you?

I laugh and have a fun time with guests while working so that they’ll all feel comfortable around me and will be themselves when I am shooting.  I am professional, unobtrusive, friendly, and helpful. I work very hard to make sure you don’t even have to think about me during your wedding day.  I plan ahead in order to avoid problems and to know as much as possible going in. Behind the humor and seemingly cavalier facade during the actual wedding day, is a fierce professionalism that is dedicated to making your experience as perfect as it can be.  I do sincerely have a good time with you, but it’s all business on the inside.

I act and dress in a professional way. During weddings and other shoots I do not drink or act inappropriately. Outside of shoots I can’t make any promises on that one.

My business style is modeled after a company which many people hold dear to their hearts: Disney.  I love the business model they have developed in terms of customer service and experience, and feel it is vital to your satisfaction that I follow that same model.  When my wife and I honeymooned at Walt Disney World, we came back and told everyone about how wonderfully we were treated and what a magical experience it was.  I will always provide the same unbeatable customer service and love to all of my couples.

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