Where should we go, and what should we wear for our engagement session?

The engagement session is a photo session that is meant to tell a story about how you love each other. The subject of the photographs is that relationship, not the place where you take the photographs, or what you are wearing. You want those things to be secondary in the photographs, so while it’s nice to have a location that is photographically advantageous, it’s not critical to the story being told. That said, I can offer the following advice:

Where to Go for Pictures

If there is a location that has sentimental value to you which will help tell your love story, that is an excellent location to take photographs which will tell that story. Some people are shy showing affection in public places. If that’s you, find some place which will remove you from the public as best as possible. I’m not going to force you into public displays of affection if that’s not your style, but shyness in general will be avoided if there aren’t a lot of people walking around nearby. Parks and nature trails are good for that.

Some of the more common places I have done engagement shoots include:

What do I wear?

Keep it simple. Don’t wear things which are distracting to your love story. The more neutral, the better. Avoid stripes or patterns which will grab the viewer’s attention. Keep it contrasting to the environment around you. If you are going to be photographed in a forest in the spring, don’t wear something that is forest green. If you are being photographed on the beach, avoid sand-colored clothing or blue tops. If you are doing a winter session with snow all around, don’t wear white. You don’t want to blend into the background.

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