How can I be a photographer with Michael Chadwick Photography?

My company does not hire employees, but rather has partnerships with established independent contractors. The partners I choose to work with exhibit certain qualities and a thirst for improvement. We strive to be at the highest performance level at all times, and that includes not just technical skill with a camera. We continuously educate ourselves in photographic techniques, and also work on various other skills which are useful at weddings. I have monthly collaborative workshops with partner photographers, where we work together to form interesting new ideas and try new and creative ways to approach wedding photography.

What I Look For:

  • Professionalism: Punctuality, Proper Dress, Proper Interaction with Colleagues and Clients
  • Experience: This is not a school, it is a business. Learn the skills, get the experience, then contact me.
  • Eagerness: I want people who are eager to improve, eager to give clients a great experience, and eager to make art.
  • Humor: The ability to laugh and make others laugh is really important at weddings and when interacting with clients and their guests.
  • Adaptability: Weddings and other shoots require people who can pivot on the fly and not get stressed out. We must be the calm for our clients at all times.
  • Confidence: If you second shoot with me, you are going to receive feedback in the interest of always providing my clients the best photographs. If your skin is not thick enough for that, do not apply.
  • A Strong and Creative Portfolio: I want to see your work, skill, and how you compose your shots.

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