Can I get the “RAW” files? Can I edit your photographs?

While I shoot every photograph in a RAW format, I do not provide the original RAW files to my clients. The jpg images you receive are art which I have created for you. The RAW files are the tools I use to create that art. Asking for the RAW files is like buying a house and asking the builders for the tools they used to build that house.

If you wish to have the RAW files as well as the provided .jpg images included in your package, you will need to purchase them separately and a different agreement must be drafted transferring the entire copyright and intellectual property of the photographs over to you. Having the RAW versions of your pictures would give you the ability to change the META data (which contains the copyright information) on the photographs. This is a costly difference in your package price (as in, several thousands of dollars) so it is not recommended unless you have a very good reason to have the RAW files. If you simply wish to have a modification done here or there, I do not charge for post-processing requests like that unless the requests take longer than an hour to facilitate (which is extraordinarily rare).

As for editing the photographs yourself, I respectfully ask that you let me do it. Most edits you might need are things I do at no charge to you, as part of the overall service you are receiving. Your photographs are my art work, so I want to make sure anything with my name on it is actually something I created. If you need help formatting a particular photo for placement into a product you want to have printed, or if you need them altered for any other reason, please ask me to do it for you. As long as the request is something which takes less than an hour, I don’t charge you. I will very likely do it faster, and better.

I cannot stop you from editing a .jpg image, but I do ask that you refrain from doing so. No matter how good a job you think you might do, please leave it to the professionals. Otherwise, things like this happen…


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