What is the advantage of hiring you as our destination wedding photographer?

It sometimes seems easier hiring someone on-site, but hiring someone closer to your normal residence ensures that your customer service experience is much better.  It helps ensure you already know and are comfortable with your photographer, and it is also quite helpful during the planning process. If your photographer is closer to your residence, you will have the chance to discuss your needs in advance and communicate your style preferences, hopes, and expectations. You will be able to have an engagement session or bridal portrait session with the same photographer who will shoot your wedding. You will also be able to establish a relationship and level of trust with your photographer, and that trust is a definite asset on your wedding day, one well worth the cost of transportation.

Destination wedding photography packages can be put together for wedding destination shoots around the world, or here in the good old U.S. of A.  Actual travel and housing costs get built into the photography package, and depending on availability, can be for multiple days of coverage. I handle all travel arrangements and work hard to keep them as affordable as possible. I am close to Philadelphia and New York, so I have easy access to several major international airports.

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