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Opportunities for Photographers

Michael Chadwick Photography is currently accepting applications for the following team member positions: Staff Photographers, and Master Photographers.  We will only be adding one or two to the roster in 2017.

Staff Photographers should have a decent amount of experience with weddings as a primary photographer (at least 25, preferrably in the range of 50-100) and do not require much technical and experiential guidance.  Staff Photographers might be "weekend warriors" with other jobs, but have a goal of becoming a Master Photographer as quickly as possible.

Master Photographers are considered experienced enough that absolutely no guidance or oversight is needed.  They have photographed at least 100 (preferrably 150-200 or more) weddings as a primary photographer.  They have expertise in multiple areas of photography, not just weddings, and are full-time photographers.

We strive to be at the highest performance level at all times, and that includes not just technical skill with a camera. We continuously educate ourselves in photographic techniques, and also work on various other skills which are useful at weddings. Michael provides constructive criticism to his team members after each shoot, so you have to be willing to learn the studio style and expectations.

What We Look For

  • Professionalism: Punctuality, Proper Dress, Proper Interaction with Colleagues and Clients
  • Experience: This is not a school, it is a business. Learn the skills, get the experience, then contact us.
  • Eagerness: We want people who are eager to work in a collaborative environment, eager to give our clients a great experience, and eager to make art.
  • Humor: The ability to laugh and make others laugh is really important at weddings and when interacting with colleagues.
  • Adaptability: Weddings and other shoots require people who can pivot on the fly and not get stressed out. We must be the calm for our clients at all times.
  • Confidence: You’re going to get kind and constructive criticism. That is how we get better. If your skin is not thick enough for that, do not apply.
  • A Strong and Creative Portfolio: We want to see your work, skill, and how you compose your shots.

To apply, send a cover letter, a list of your experience, a link to your portfolio, a list of the equipment you typically use at weddings, and any other information you feel would make you a potential candidate.

Wedding Day Assistants

Michael Chadwick Photography is currently interviewing for positions as wedding day assistants.  Our packages starting in 2017 will all include an assistant, and assistants may be added to existing bookings in cases where we feel they would be beneficial.

Job Description

  • Assist the photographer(s) with equipment retrieval and use
  • Facilitate the vendor meals for the photographers (and yourself!) with the caterers, and keep everyone hydrated
  • Help the photographer(s) with fulfilling the couple's shot list, and help wrangle any guests who have wandered astray
  • Social media publicity throughout the wedding day
  • Assist the couple and their guests as you are able

If you are interested in assisting with us, please send your contact information to and describe your skill level with social media, photography, and people.


We are not looking for anyone at this time, but will most likely be adding an Editor/Retoucher to the team at some point in 2017.  If this is of interest to you, please send your resume information and before/after samples to

Job Description

  • Process RAW images to jpg using studio techniques and styles
  • Basic retouching of images to remove non-permanent blemishes,etc.
  • Process high-tune retouching for print product purchases